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Who We Are

Sleeptight Hampton Roads is dedicated to raising awareness of the tragedy of unsafe sleep and serving those in need, so all of our babies sleep safely.


Our mission is simple, as the regional infant safe sleep initiative, we are creating a community culture that embraces infant safe sleep through collaboration, partnership, and action. We accomplish our mission through our core visions


  • A regional awareness and recognition of unsafe sleep as the number one cause of infant death and it is preventable; 

  • A community culture that supports safe sleep resources, education and support for all families; 


  • Access for all families and caregivers to resources needed to keep their infants sleeping safely;


  • Develop long term funding to support the pack-n-play assistance program.

  • Align safe sleep education and materials across Hampton Roads.

  • Develop Sleeptight First Response initiative with regional fire and EMS departments.


Sleeptight has been a vital part of our community for over 10 years. We were founded in 2008, in response to two rollover deaths on the CHIP caseload and no other community resources available. Sleeptight was formed and quickly became a network of regional home visiting partners. CHIP's Sleeptight mission for nearly a decade was to provide safe sleep education and a portable crib, at no cost, to parents in need of a safe sleeping space for their baby. While CHIP has provided thousands of families with portable cribs and safe sleep education over the last ten years, the efforts to reduce infant mortality were limited by resources and mixed messages to the public about the tenants of safe sleep. 

In 2016, in an effort to address the historically high numbers of sleep-related infant deaths, under the auspices of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation, Minus 9 to 5, convened Sleeptight and twenty-four partners around safe sleep as Sleeptight Hampton Roads. As the first public initiative of Minus 9 to 5, Sleeptight Hampton Roads is the regional collective impact initiative that has aligned and branded consistent education on infant safe sleep.


Through all these years our purpose still remains the same: to prevent sleep-related deaths by provided a safe sleep space for babies in need and community education.

Community Alignment

The following community organizations and agencies partner with Sleeptight Hampton Roads to share aligned education of infant safe throughout Hampton Roads. 

Bon Secours
Champions for Children Prevent Abuse
Chesapeake Regional Medical Center
Chesapeake Health Department
Norfolk Dept. of Human Services
Minus 9 to 5
VB Human Services
VB Dept. of Public Health
Western Tidewater Health District

Board of Directors

Sleeptight Hampton Roads is a funded program of CHIP of South Hampton Roads and is under the leadership of CHIP's Board of Directors. CHIP's board represents a cross-section of our community and has a passion for our organization and those we serve. The members work hard to ensure the long-term sustainability of the organization and oversee that the funds raised directly affect those in need.

Advisory Committee

The Sleeptight Hampton Roads Advisory Committee is a community-led, regional program compromised of over twenty-four stakeholders across Hampton Roads. The committee is creating regionally aligned safe sleep messages and a singular mission. The group wants every infant to have access to safe sleep resources, such as a crib, and their family, caregivers and the community to know how to keep their baby sleeping safely at night and during naps.

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